[Download] Joe Coseness – Body Movin‘ Promo Mix March ’11

Veröffentlicht: 19 März, 2011 in 2. Downloads
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Today I’ve decided that, from time to time, I’m gonna post Mixes of other musical genres than only Reggae and Dancehall, cause I think it’s not only me, who’s  interessted in other stuff than the obvious caribbean output too.

And what’s a better start, than this amazing new Mix from my longtime friend Joe Coseness, from Essen, Germany, which he’d done to promote his monthly party series called „Body Movin'“ at the Gold Club in Essen, which he runs with his man Binyo.

If you’re around the Ruhrpott Area, you should attend one of those Parties. Really great vibes and people!

I would describe the type of music he mixes right now as Funky Breaks, Nu Funk, Hip Hop, UK Funky and a little Dubstep Flavour, even though he’d started to dj in the late 90ies with Reggae, Dancehall and Drum’n’Bass.

Anyways, check out this funky mix that will definitly put a smile on your face and command your hips to start shake!

Also make sure to stop by at his Mixcloud Site to get all his latest Mix Sets. Definitly worth checkin‘!

  1. […] Like I said a few days ago, I want you to give other musical genres besides Reggae and Dancehall also a shot. So here’s a wonderful Dubstep Mix, which is, in my book, the perfect soundtrack for an awakening urban environment, mixed by Binyo! from Essen, who’s by the way the evil twin/companion/partner in crime of last week featured DJ Joe Coseness. […]

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