The Rock A Shacka Story

Veröffentlicht: 11 Februar, 2011 in 4. Miscellaneous
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Just found this very nice, informative Interview, Nils Kersten, from the House of Reggae Blog, did with Masaya Hayashi, the owner of Rock A Shacka & Drum and Bass Records, from Japan, about the record label and the japanese reggae scene as well.

Great read!

Was it very difficult to link up with producers like Prince Buster and Sonia Pottinger or artists like Alton Ellis?

Meeting up with them was really easy. Over there I got to know a guy called Echo Vibration. He had been running a sound system since the 60s and Jamaica’s a small place, so people who are involved in music all know each other. He introduced me to loads of people, like Coxsone Dodd. Meeting people like that in Jamaica is really easy, what’s difficult is what comes after that. Prince Buster, Alton – they were all tough to make deals with at first.

Read more over at House of Reggae.

  1. Greetings Higher Level crew,

    thank you very much for your support and that you like the story. Feedback is always appreciated.

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