Supersonic kills Addies in Antigua

Veröffentlicht: 30 Januar, 2011 in 4. Miscellaneous
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Clash just done, and Supersonic took the win against King Addies, even tough Addies brought Tony Matterhorn this time.

Big up Supersonic on the win, this is huge.

This should make all badmind people shut up, but I guess  just more effin‘ excuses popping up, just like after the Global Clash.

Can’t wait to hear the Audios!

EDIT via

Even though it rained all nite, Clash fans came out to witness KING ADDIES vs SUPERSONIC.
Supersonic played well taking the first 4 rounds straight.
What the biggest struggle was having to compete with not only King Addies but also TonyMatterhorn from the 4 round.
After winning 4th round SuperSonic walks off the stage saying they were not going to clash 2 sounds when Matterhorn was now playing from his own dub box.
Sonic decides to go back to start the tune fi tube segment.
Clash finally over.
SUPERSONIC awarded the trophy.

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  3. dre black sagt:

    i thought when the tune fi tune segment is not done and a massive packup his set and refuse to play further is a lost so i dont care howmany rounds they won. they lost for packing up their set. most of addies tunes have matterhorn name in them so whats the difference you will still end up playing addies with or without matterhorn independant dubs. so the judges need to go back to the rules of sound clashing and know when u pack up in a dance you lose automatically. biggups to the whole newlots family and thank ja for bringing this sound back together with tony matterhorn because the whole of the sound bussiness is in trouble especially the pirate sound mighty crown who took addies style a dance after the split good luck sound systems addies is back!

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