Line Up War ina East 2K11

Veröffentlicht: 25 November, 2010 in 3. Upcoming Dates
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Sultan, of the Herbalize-It Sound from Enschede, just announced the Line Up for the 2011 edition of their yearly War ina East Clash.

No long talking, check the promo text for yourself.


It seems like just yesterday that Supersonic and Mighty Crown were trading cannons at War Ina East 2010. By now the world has seen and heard that historical and entertaining clash which, undoubtedly was one of the best clashes for 2010. Some of you would in true badmind style call the fact that we make such a statement arrogance, but the clean-hearted clash fans would see that we’re just keepin‘ it real, stating a fact!

War Ina East has grown to be a clash associated with a very high musical quality. The level of preparation exhibited by sounds in the past has held the bar at a professional standard. Not coming prepared for a War Ina East clash is a certain death sentence and something we know real sounds would avoid doing, but instead respect and promote the institution and foundation of what has been built.

We believe that we are staying true to the oath we took to continue providing you, the massive, with the very best value for your money and with that said, we present to the world:

WAR INA EAST 2011 “The Realest.”
King Addies vs. One Love High Powa vs. LP International, host Maikal X

NYC soundclash veterans King Addies with Babyface, Lampa Dread’s One Love Hi Powa from Rome in Italy and NYC grown and now Berlin based LP International with Puma, would all be making the trip to ganja-land to bless us with their skills.
Real musical warfare, Real true and tried quality sounds, Real entertainment.

Over the years, these three sounds have managed in their own unique way, to influence the development of the reggae/dancehall and soundclash community on a worldwide level. But on this night, all past accomplishments will be forgotten as survival becomes the only objective! We could not put into words what it would mean to be victorious on this night and walk away with the title of War Ina East winner 2011. All we can say with certainty is that this would be a clash you don’t want to miss.

So yes people, this is the line up and once again we are confident that you would be very pleased about the contestants we have chosen to compete on 26 March 2011, in Atak Enschede Holland.
Hardcore heavy dubplate selections from start to finish is what we can definitely expect on this night. So get ready for another spectacular entertaining clash, presented to you with the utter-most professional care. Early bird tickets would be going on sale very soon so stay tuned for more info on how you can get yours and secure a spot to witness a night filled with beautiful murderation.

Blessings and Nuff Respect,
Herbalize-it Crew

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