[Download] War Fever Soundclash

Veröffentlicht: 17 Juni, 2010 in 2. Downloads
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Ajax of Blunt Posse Sound outta the Bronx just posted the audio for last weekends War Fever Clash against Herbalize-It on his Facebook Site.

The Promoter of the Clash, Guns-E-Num, decided to gave the audios to the sounds involved, and let them spread the clash if they want to, but decided not to release them by himself cause him a litte vex bout the turnout of this clash.

All the people who always scream for the recording of such an event within not even a day since it kept, and live inside a regular driving radius but didn’t show up should be ashamed to bloodclaat! Because of such habits not many people are still willing to put their effort and money in to promote soundclashes, stageshows and big dances.

Nevertheless I’m gonna post the audio still, because i want to gave the sounds and especially Mr Smoka, of Guns-E-Num, a little shine and let you hear what you have missed.

Maybe you will show up at the next event of Guns-E-Num, or any other promoter, and support the thing.

Think about it.

(Download the Clash by clicking the Flyer)

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