7th Anniversary of Higher Level Sound!

Veröffentlicht: 17 Juni, 2010 in 3. Upcoming Dates
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This Friday, the 18th of June, we gonna celebrate a very special thing at the Jamaican Lounge in Saarbrücken.

7 Years of Higher Level Sound!

It’s been 7 years since we mashed up our very first dance in Saarbrücken.

7 Years of incredible dances, nuff good good music, fun, countless hours on the autobahn, meeting interesting people, not this much sleep, and the most important thing: 7 years of partying with you guys!

So on Friday all roads lead to Das Modul in Saarbrücken where we celebrate the last 7 and the upcoming 1000 years of Higher Level Sound, together with our brothers from other mothers, Mango Tree Sound, out of Nürnberg.

Make sure to show up, it’s gonna be legenfuckingdary!

But we have one drop of bitterness to announce: We aren’t able to give out the 200 copies of our brandnew Mix CD „Starlight“ as announced on the flyer, because we don’t get the cover for it as fast as we needed it to print it in time.

But, we gonna gave them all away at the upcoming Jamaican Lounge Party in July. Watch out for it.

  1. […] Higher Levels 7th Anniversary Last Friday we kept our 7th Anniversary at our regular club Das Modul longside our breddas from the Mango Tree Sound out of Nürnberg, and […]

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