Heavy Hammer took the World War 3 Clash Trophy

Veröffentlicht: 7 Juni, 2010 in 4. Miscellaneous
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(Pic by Pinnacle Clothing)

Heavy Hammer from Italy reign against Deebuzz in the Dub fi Dub of the World War 3 Clash, after they made it trough the rounds against Captain C20xx and Ruff Pack Sound.

This is the Aftermath of the Promoters:

Big up World War 3 Massive!

It was a good clash! Bare vibes and entertainment on a global high-standard level.

Big up Captain C20xx, Ruffpack, Deebuzz, Heavy Hammer, Mattia, Raggakings, Club Zollamt, Pinnacle Clothing, Soundquake, Buyreggae, African Beat, the Sentinel Sound Family, the crowd and everybody involved for making this possible. Without real dedication and passion a night like this could not have happenned. 4 sounds outta 3 continents inna musical fight in Stuttgart, Germany. MADD TING fi real!!!

Congratulations to the winner HEAVY HAMMER Sound outta Italy!
World War 3 was a more than successful event with a motivated and fair
but tuff crowd who at no time did not let anybody make a fool out of

We introduced the argument round to emphasize the importance of the mc in a sound system. In countries not home to the Jamaican culture or English as lingua franca people sometimes prefer the pure musical juggling over the mc’s expressions and see the him as rather complimentary to the melodic flow of the songs. The argument round was the place to isolate the mc’s work and to give him a chance to buss his skills exclusively.

The top-quality official audio will soon be published.

Thank you again to all participants, Shotta Paul and DJ Meska from kingstonhot.de are proud to stage an internationally recognised event like this.
We are looking forward to give the dancehall massive more top-quality events!

Sentinel’s Weekly Dancehall Radio Show

  1. Mike sagt:

    Somebody knows if there is a audio available?

  2. whatsofuckingever sagt:

    Not yet, but i’ll post it a.s.a.p. Just follow the blog.

  3. […] Audio for last weeks World War 3 Soundclash between Ruffpack, Captain C20xx, Deebuzz and Heavy Hammer are finally available trough Kingston Hot […]

  4. Fadda Mello sagt:


    my name is Fadda Mello owner of No Envy Sound outta Antigua,

    I am interested in booking ur sound for a JUGGLING or WAR date

    here in ANTIGUA…can u list prices…RESPECT!

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