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Dellé, one of the three Seeed Frontmen, just covered the old Frankie goes to Hollywood Hit „The Power of Love“ on the Hooded Claw Riddim, which was produced by cologne-based musician Guido Craveiro.

And because the Riddim is really great, it got voiced by Alborosie, Luciano, Louie Culture, Gyptian and Doctah Chando too.

Please check the Megamix!

Hooded Claw Megamix

EDIT: Here is the Video for Power of Love

Here’s a short clip of the first brazilian soundclash in sao paulo along with some interviews.

Maybe your’re interessted and can understand portuguese.

A next clash coming up at october the 17th in Elderslie, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica again.

Sentinel from Stuttgart/GER, Black Kat from Christiana/JA, Sound Trooper from Spanish Town/JA, Black Blunt from Negril/JA and Synemaxx from Bronx/St.Mary/JA going for it.

Seems like a wicked fight again for Sentinel, all alone on foreign turf as the only non-jamaican sound.


As already mentioned a while ago, Jackpot from Mainz, Hakuna Matataa outta Meissen and Music Master from London gonna clash in Hamburg on 24th of october.

Now here’s the flyer for this clash (done by

Yes, it’s true! We’re celebrating a little anniversary today with our 10th interview in this column.

Just been back from Salento and already have the next part of our Young, gifted and baaad interviews for you.

This time, for the first time, with a real hard working sound from the Netherlands, who keep pushing dancehallmusic forward since 2003.

People, please make some noise for the Dutch Delight KEYTOWN SOUND.


# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

Blessings to all massive and crew, this is “The Dutch Delight” Keytown Sound, all the way from a place called Leiden ina Holland.

Keytown consists of 3 members: Ard aka Martial is the sound’s man on the mic, Leon is the jugglin part in the machine and handles all bookings and Marcus aka Senior is a selecta specialised in foundation tunes

# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

Keytown Sound was formed in 2003. There had not been a Reggae party in Leiden for years and we had the opportunity to host our own night called The Glue Factory at a venue called LVC the same year.

TheGlueFactory started out with 2 resident sounds: Ruff-E-Nuff was formed by Martial and Senior,  One Blood Sound consisted of Yabba Youp and Leon.
MC and Singjay Papa Aya sang tunes with both sounds, Nieke, Marko, Jennifer and Julius aka The Chairman (R.I.P.) created all decorations for the party.
After a while Yabba Youp formed his own sound Crucial Warrior, Leon joined hands with Martial and Senior and Keytown Sound was born..

Senior started out DJing in the early years of LVC, playin Funk, Reggae and more.
From root he’s a musician, started out as a bassplayer but playin way more instruments.
Was part of a project called Rohan Lee & The Recipe wich he toured Europe with, also they made an album together.

Martial started out playin HipHop, Funk and Reggae by his self and  with the bredda who paved the way for Dancehall in Leiden DJ Wrok, playin at several venues in the region.
Later on they formed Ruff-E-Nuff, being a fresh follow up for Leiden’s foundation sound Runcome.

Leon started out DJing HipHop in Leiden’s local youthcentre BreeHuys, later on in Coffeeshop Bebop. Discovered Reggae and Dancehall music in 2000, lovin and representin it to the fullest from then on. He also worked in legendary Reggae recordshop Boudisque in Amsterdam till it closed down in spring 2008.


# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

We play everything, from Foundation Roots Reggae to the baddest latest Dancehall and everthing inbetween.
A set from Keytown means you’ll hear tunes in a jugglinstyle, with every now and then a dubplate, backed up with decent speech.

# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

Baddest dance for Keytown up till now was last year in Pescara, Italy. We were invited by our breddas from Pure Love and Balooba, 2 rising sounds ina Italy, to come play in their resident club called Wake Up!. Club positioning is very nice, near the harbour of the Adriatic sea. Vibes from the massive were MAD!!

As for our own bashment TheGlueFactory in our hometown, the dances with mr. David Rodigan and Bass Odyssey were mad.. The 5th anniversary with Sentinel and Herbalize It was also a BIG party, Kim LaQueen was also in the place with a wicked performance, place full up, crazy night!


# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

We try to keep our people in Leiden up to date with TheGlueFactory providing the best in Reggae Dancehall music. A few weeks ago we had our biggest party up till now, ting called “The Champion’s Week”. Saturday June 20th we invited Mighty Crown, Saturday June 27th Bass Odyssey was our guest. We just played at Herbalize It’s bashment Ring Di Alarm with them plus Jah Melody and Marlon Asher.

Later on this year we’re going back to Pescara and we were invited by the big bad Sentinel to come play in Stuttgart. Germany is definitely the country in Europe where we would love to play more so there is a big part of our focus.
Locally August brings a birthdaybash from Leon, Crucial Warrior and Papa Aya and in September TheGlueFactory line up is nice with Herbalize It, Balooba and Keytown.

For Keytown Sound the plans are simple: just promote Reggae Dancehall music as much as we can in Holland and cross the borders, meet good people throughout the music and keep doin our likkle part keeping the Dutch Reggae Dancehall scene going.

# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

Speaking of artists Capleton is definitely our favourite artist from long time. As for sounds we rate all soundman, just because yuh do yuh ting! Personal favourites are Bass Odyssey, Mr. Rodigan, Supersonic, Sentinel, Mighty Crown, Jah Sound International, Herbalize It.


# What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

Luciano – Stay Away on the Doctor’s Darling riddim. Beautifully voiced, for sure we play it.

#Any last Words?

Have to promote our breddas from outta Holland! These men make serious big tunes, so make sure to check out tunes from big singers like Ziggi, Maikal X & Joggo. Big up yuhself kings!

And just big up REAL people. Everyone who LOVE Reggae Dancehall music and livin a good life!

Thank you for the Answers Keytown and big up yourself!

If you want to check out some Keytown Juggling Audios make sure to download this two dances:









Because I’m gone this evening, i post this so early, but please don’t forget the next upcoming Jamaican Lounge Dancehall Party at Das Modul in Saarbrücken, coming up the 21st of August.

This time with Higher Level Sound (of course) and the Juggling Sensation from Zurich, Switzerland, Ali Baba Sound.

Make sure to come party with us!


Jamaican Skaters

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Never know they have something like that going on down there, but as you can see over at potographer Jamil GS Blog, there are some skaters and a bowl in Bull Bay, Jamaica.Check the Pics on his Site.


Got this trough the Fader