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Just want to remind you about this Dance tomorrow night@DAS MODUL in Saarbrücken.

Serious Thing!

This time we feature a Sound from the east of europe, more exact, from Slovakia.

It’s the big, bad and bold Ghetto Youths Sound from Trencin.

Ghetto Youths Sound

The Founder of the Sound, Dj MeSs, plays Reggae and Dancehall since one decade and tries to spread the music all over Slovakia.

Today he’s gonna answering my questions.


# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

Ghetto Youths Sound is the number one soundsystem playing dancehall-reggae-soca in the region of Slovak Republic and its surrounds.

We have four members, the founder Dj MeSs , Andyman, Dj Simple Sample and Dj Young J.

# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

I have founded the sound in 1999, I can’t remember the exact date.
The same year is when I started djing.
Im going for the goal that people in Slovakia will know the spirit of dancehall, after 10 years, when the scene was down low to nothing, I can say, that much has changed, altough its hard to compare with western states of Europe.
The city that I come from lacks various cultural aspects, there aren’t many immigrants, that would raise interest of the population in dancehall and reggae culture as such.
In Slovakia, mainly the younger generation of people listens to Dancehall-Reggae, so I hope I can see, that in another 10 years the scene will be in a different place.
# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

I play mainly dancehall, reggae and in mean time soca, which is all well
accepted in the audience.

Dancehall remains top! We have no border in inclining to hip-hop, r’n’b and reggaeton.

# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

Slovakia is a country with not so many soundsystems and definitely not those which would play dubplates.

Therefor our Sound as such didn’t yet
take part in a clash, altough I, by myself, did it twice.

I have been in the final rounds of two „45 Clash“, which where based in Prague (Czech republic).

Both times I got myself up to the final round, and even though I could claim my stand, I wasn’t the winner, that the crowd selects – they gave the praise rather to their homie Dj – so the prize stayed in Prague.

In Slovakia we have organized the first clash „One Will Survive“, where Djs stood against each other, but we as the organizing party didn’t attend as a sound – in this form we made a perfect neutral ground – and playing in your own city wouldn’t be fair against the odds.

Concerning gigs, we are doing what we can, to bring in the best of the sounds that are abroad – altough we have to go under the conditions our country offers.

We have played alongside Soundbwoys Destiny (DE), Blessed Love (DE), Bad Fish (AT), Straight Up (FR) and with artist like Million Stylez, 3gga, Buddha Monk, and many others so far.

Dj Simple Sample along with his friends, organizes now the second sequel of reggae festival called Uprising, which was highly favoured the first year and took the scene a big step further.

A year ago, I, together with my team, have raised „Most High
Magazine & Records
„, webportal, recording and producing
studio, which cares about our mixtapes and brings in the news about
Caribbean music, interviews with artists, sounds and lots of stuff, more to come…


# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

Shortterm and longterm plans are roughly the same, we enjoy djing,
increasing our dubplates library alongside with putting out mixtapes,
which we produce in the last few months in rapid firing.

We opt for having even more fans, not only for our sound, but for dancehall

Wanting the culture to grow in form and the people to grow into more love, of what we love.

It is a long way, our sound has been working for 10 years without a break and I hope that we will succeed in another ten, entertaining the people in parties.

This journey, we take it as a mission!

Right now, Dj Simple Sample is getting the „Uprising
Mixtape“ done and Im about to finish „Most High Mixtape vol.3“
alongsinde the third sequel of well fit „Socaration“.

Stay tuned!

# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

I am only answering this question for myself now.

When I was about 14 years old, the first time I found myself at a reggae party, Dj Ras Domcek was playing (at that time it was one of the first reggae parties). He is the first slovak reggae Dj and still performs.

This man charmed me so much, that the same year I’ve made a visit to Jamaica and I started to build the base of the sound.

There are a lot of sounds and artist that inspired me and influenced me, but I am talking about who opened my eyes and showed me the way that I was supposed to go with my life.

Big Respect for all the sounds and artist, that spread the positive


# What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

Of course I can not forget the first plate!
In Montego Bay I have met an artist named Brilliant, who voiced my first dubplate.
From that time I started to collect dubplates and for long time I was the only in wholeplace to do that.
I used to play this dub for a nice part, but now-a-days I only pick it up for memories, but definitely will play it once more, when the right time comes.
OK, thank you for the Interview and I wish you all the best for the Sound in the future!
If you want to check out some of the sound mix cds, don’t hesitate and click the covers to download.

Dj MeSs presents Lee’tal Mixtape 2008
Dj MeSs presents Leetal Mixtape 2008
Socaration presented by Dj MeSs 2008
Dj MeSs presented Socaration Mixtape 2008
Socaration 2 presented by Dj MeSs 2008
Dj MeSs presented Socaration 2 Mixtape 2008
Most High Mixtape vol.1 presented by Dj MeSs & Dj Simple Sample 2009
Dj MeSs & Dj Simple Sample presents Most High Mixtape vol.1 2009
Rising To The Top Mixtape 2009
Rising To The Top Mixtape 2009
Most High Mixtape vol.2 presented by Dj MeSs & Dj Young J 2009
Dj MeSs & Dj Young J presented Most High Mixtape vol.2 2009

If you’re ‚round the area make sure to check us@Halle02 in Heidelberg!


Sting like a Bee won the Pit Fight Clash yesterday against Ivory Sound at Groot-Bijgaarden.

I’ve heard it was a very deserved win, even tough the vote wasn’t that clear in the first place.

Something bout some confusing revote and stuff like that.

Can’t hit you up with a rundown, or even the audios 😉 yet, but i’ll keep you informed.

Big up Sting like a Bee on this win.

A next clash has just being announced by the promoter on the german dancehallboard.

The whole thing will not happen until the 24th of october, but nevertheless i’ll let you know about it.

Jackpot Sound (Mainz, Germany)


Hakuna Matataa Sound (Meissen, Germany)


Music Master (London, UK)

@Waagenbau, Hamburg.

Don’t know about the rules yet, but i’ll keep you updated.


Don’t forget about this clash coming up tonight!

I’m sure you get you’re money worth if you can make it there.

May the best sound win.

Nico, out of France, send me this Mix, done by Furybass‚ Selecta Colonel D, to put in the Download Section.

Tracklist looks really tuff.

(Get it by clickin‘ the front cover)



Big up Colonel for the Mix, and Nico for posting!