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We just uploaded our brandnew Roots and Culture Mix called „Call On Me“ with Riddims like Sweetnes, Everyday, Here I Am, Good Love, Indiscretion etc. and Artists like Etana, Romain Virgo, Busy Signal, Maikal X, Cornadoor, Morgan Heritage, Chris Martin, Sizzla and many more for you to download for free!

So click the Banner to get this 66 Tracks strong and 70 minutes long Mix with the best Modern Roots Tunes from the last couple of weeks.

Call On Me Front

Call On Me Back

57 Track Live Mix done by Gothenburgs own No.1 female DJ Lady Louise.

(Take a slice by clickin‘ on the image)


1.Mavado – Neva Belive You
2.Mavado – Inna Di Car Back
3.Dr Evil – She Waah
4.Sean Paul – Don’t Tease Me
5.Aidonia – In Her Belly
6.Busy Signal – Tic Toc
7.Busy Signal – Meh She Stamma
8.Mavado – Real Killa
9.Aidonia- Gal Say Whoo
10.Vibez Kartel & Jah Vinci – Weh Dem Ago
11.Mavado – So Blessed
12.Mavado & Busta Rhymes – So Blessed RMX
13.Demarco – Send Dem Home
14.T.O.K – Peppa Dem
15.Assassin – Simmer
16.Busy Signal – Blaze Up The Herbs
17.Bling Dawg – Jamaica Jamaica
18.Assassin – Mind
19.Tornado – Flossin Non Stop
20.Aidonia- Grab Her Nuh
21.Busy Signal – Send It On
22.Demarco – She Cah Wait
23.Vociemail – When It Reach Her
24.Matterhorn – Wine & Jump
25.Busy Signal – Up In Her Belly
26.Mr Vegas – Dope
27.Aidonia – 100 Stab
28.Spice – Nuh Daggerah
29.Chino – How Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gyal
30.Busy Signal – Gangsta Nuh Bleach
31.Busy Signal – Tightness
32.Vibez Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop
33.Konshenz & Demarco – Paper Chasing
34.Busy Signal & Al Borosie – Murdera
35.Demarco – Wine Me Gyal
36.Demarco & Daville – Blessings A Multiply
37.Demarco – No Fear
38.Mavado – Gangsta Nuh Play
39.Busy Signal – See Dem Now
40.Demarco – Spend Pon Dem
41.Konshenz – Proper
42.Serani – Make Money
43.Mad Cobra – Nuh Afraid
44.Mr Easy – Informer
45.Munga – Gangsta Forever
46.Mavado – Caah Bad Mi Up
47.Vibez Kartel – Last Man Standing
48.Mavado – High Ana
49.Assassin – Cyaa Get We Out
50.Konshenz – Goodlife & Livity
51.Serani – Badmind
52.Busy Signal – Easy Access
53.Konshenz – This Means Money
54.Busy Signal – All About My Money
55.Alliance & Scare Dem Crew – Scare Dem
56.Vybez Kartel, Jah Vinci, Black Ryno & Lisa Hype – Just Wine
57.Mavado – Don’t Worry

Just found a new Lovers Mix from Komposti at Top Billin‘ Music.

Do yourself and your girlfriend/boyfriend a favour and download this nice’n’smooth piece of audio by clicking on the pic.

„Let’s get it On“


1 Intro
2 India Arie & Gramps Morgan – Therapy RMX
3 Akon & Kardinal Offishal – Beautiful RMX
4 Collie Buddz – Private Show
5 Alaine & Buju Banton – Luv A Dub
6 Duane Stephenson – You Are Not Alone
7 Stevie Face – I Wanna Wake Up With You
8 Glen Washington – Good Loving
9 Romain Virgo – Wanna Go Home
10 Stevie Face – Tell It Like It Is
11 Christopher Martin – All I Need
12 D Major – Can’t Buy Love
13 Alaine & Tarrus Riley – Forever More
14 Konshens & Delus – We Belong Together
15 Konshens & Kris Kelli – Girl On The Side
16 Hezron & Shaggy – Two Places
17 Ziggi – Gonna Leave You
18 Million Stylez – Me & You
19 Shalli – All About Love RMX
20 Delfonics & Lady Saw – Bad Man Going Cry
21 Shaggy – Bad Man Don’t Cry
22 Assassin & Josey Wales – Know How Fi Love Dem Up
23 The Heptones – Sea Of Love
24 Beres Hammond – No Goodbye
25 Anthony Cruz – Woman 247
26 Peter Spence – All I Have
27 Bitty McLean – No Games
28 Bitty McLean – So In Love
29 Christopher Martin – Melody To My Song
30 Jah Cure & Keysha Cole – Call On Me
31 Wayne Marshall – Good Love
32 Tanya Stephens – Reminiscing
33 Tarrus Riley – Cold Kisses
34 Etana & Daville – Loving You
35 Richie Spice & Alison Hinds – King & Queen
36 Fiona – Work It
37 Buju Banton – Pretty Everytime
38 Wayne Wonder ft Surprize – Tomorrow
39 D’Angel – Your Night
40 D’Angel & Wayne Wonder – Let Us Be Friends
41 Chantelle Ernandez – I Wish
42 Empress Robertha – No Illusions
43 Lutan Fyah – You Capture Me
44 Morgan Heritage – Three Times A Woman
45 Alaine – Without You
46 Jah Cure – Without You
47 Maikal X – Bare With Me
48 Tarrus Riley – Getty Getty No Want It
49 Althea Hewitt – If I Were A Boy
50 Aisha Davis – Want Me Back
51 Paragons – I’m A Worried Man
52 Courtney John – Lucky Man
53 Daville – Missing You
54 Tarrus Riley – Human Nature
55 Busy Signal – Night Shift
56 Kelvin Dixon – Let’s Get It On
57 Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

And btw, if you don’t read it until now, go ahead and check the interview with these guys.

This Friday we’re celebrating Jamaican Lounge with Lissabon’s Real Fyah Machine Fyah Box Sound.

Make sure you all show up when we tore down the place together!

And make sure to grab their new Mix CD here.

This is the tracklist:

1- Luciano Dubplate
2- Busy Signal – Spliff Tail
3- Peetah Morgan – Warzone
4- Pressure – More Love
5- Lutan Fyah – Moving Fire
6- Richie Spice & Alison Hinds – King & Queen
7- Utan Green Dubplate
8- Charly Black – Highgrade
9- Goldee & Nicky B – Never Leave
10- Alborosie & Etana – Blessings RMX
11- Kiprich – Baby Mama Drama
12- Elly Ess & Vybz Kartel – Bad Boy
13- Peetah Morgan – Wey Mi Come From
14- Jah Vinci – Marrow Gone
15- Jah Vinci & Popcaan – Life Lost
16- Torch – Hustlers
17- Chino & Di Genius – We Nuh Like Dem
18- Laden – Hold The Faith
19- Coppershot Sound Interlude
20- Mavado & Flex – Walk Wid Dem Casket
21- Chedda – War Mi
22- Chedda – Rifle
23- Mavado – High Under
24- Vybz Kartel – Hustle The Money
25- Laden – Gal Dem A Call
26- Richie Campbell Dubplate
27- Nicky B – Give You Love
28- Sizzla – You Should A Know
29- Medalion & Stella – Stamping Shop
30- Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop
31- Vybz Kartel – U A Mi Baby
32- Konshens – Fuck U 2 Nite
33- Charly Black – Step Forward
34- Beenie Man – No Bad Like Me
35- Machel Montano & Busy Signal – Push Bumpers
36- Tony Matterhorn – Jump and Wine
37- Singing Craig – Hammering
38- Demarco – She Cant Wait
39- Vybz Kartel & Spice – Romping Shop (Remake)

And of course we’re giving away some free tickets for this dance.

Just write an email to higherlevelsound [at] gmx [dot] de.

The lucky winners gonna be informed by thursday afternoon.

Alright, another time we take our looks up to the far north, and feature Norways premier Dancehall-Sound by the name of Raggabalder Riddim Rebels who have Oslo and the rest of the country locked for nearly 10 years.


# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

We are Raggabalder Riddim Rebels, representing for Nordland (North of Norway), but living in Oslo.

Jan Skii Skii (Steezy)  is the main mic man, but he also does some selecting.

DJ Drahpaa just joined the sound last year, and he lives in Trondheim, Norway’s 3rd biggest city. He is in charge of everything digital, and linking us up with the newest tunes etc. He’s a true soldier, and after doing so much work for us, we had to ask him to join us officically.

I’m Joddski, and am the main selecta. I’m also on the mic when needed, and when the vibe is right I perform some tunes. I’m now a solo artist with an album coming this fall, but I was also the MC in legendary Norwegian hiphop act Tungtvann.

We released 4 albums, 3 ep’s, a dvd, some mixtapes and a best of-set before breaking up in 2007.

Jan Skii Skii was my sidekick in this band. You can check my tunes @

# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do all of you djing?

We founded Raggabalder in 2001 after returning from Summerjam in Cologne with our bags full of 7 inches. I was never a dj, I’ve always been a rapper and a singer, so that’s when I started. The only reason for that was to hear the music I loved in the club. Jan Skii Skii had played some in Tromsø (up north) before joining Tungtvann. It was more the need to spread the vibes, than to dj.


# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

Raggabalder was started out of the frustration of the lack of hardcore dancehall being played in Oslo, so that has always been the main focus. When Raggabalder started out the scene in Oslo was based mainly on rasta music and foundation, and what got us interested originally was the hardcore, slackness and badman tunes. We always strive to be up to the time with the selection and see it as our mission to spread the bashment vibes in Norway. Of course, I can also play everything from foundation to 80’s, and Jan Skii Skii likes the nu roots style a lot. We also see it as our duty to spread European reggae, and we like to help buss new artists from our region. If you download our latest mix „Knockin Like A Hammer Pon Ur Fukking Door“, we’ve included artists from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, UK, Poland and Germany. We’re not afraid to go a little bit eclectic either, as we never tried to sound like this or that sound. We’re proud of where we come from and let that reflect in our playing.


# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

Well, many things come to mind. Of course being voted best Oslo club of the year in 05 was good. The club we won with at Living Room had many crazy sessions. Morgan Heritages sound system show was wicked as well, and selecting for Cutty Ranks..Playing Poland was a great experience too, and our stint at Blå in Oslo had some legendary nights. Man, Too Many sessions. Our latest mix „Knocking Like A Hammer Pin Ur Fukkin Door“ was a highlight as well.

(Download by rightclickin‘ the frontcover)



# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

For now we’re laying a little bit low, since we’re focusing on the Joddski album that’s dropping in August. We’re still gonna do some sessions in Oslo and Nordland, and we’re going to Sweden to play again soon. After that we’re planning to drop a new mix before christmas, and we’re gonna start planning our 10 year anniversary for 2011, which is going to be huge! We’re also going to Jamaica for the first time this year. Other than that, we want to continue touring, and most definitely play more in the eastern parts of Europe. We already did Poland twice and Czech Republic three times, and we love the vibes!

# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

The Germaica label was important when we started, picking up the Bitch riddim and realising pure dancehall was made in Europe. Of European acts, definitely Raggasonic from France was a huge influence in the mid 90’s. On a more local level, Gothenborg’s Axxion Pack Sound just came out when we started, and their early mixes was important for us at that time. Other than that we really strive to keep our own vibe, but there’s tons of people we look up to and respect. The first dancehall albums I bought was Papa San „Fire Inna Dancehall“ and Shabba Ranks „As Raw As Ever“.

# What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

I believe that the first dub we voiced was with the swedish dancehall artist Jogi. He was one of the first artists we brought over to our club in Oslo, and he has since become a good friend. We actually play it every now and then still.

Thanks then Joddski, and good luck for the future!

Big up everytime.

Some of Raggabalders wicked Mix CDs to download:





Heard that Worm really brought his A-Game.

A personal friend told me that Sentinel played very hype, but this time the italians seems not really into it. Bass O came with a lot of their anthems and had the crowd in a frenzy.

In DfD Elmar pointed out that fake Bass O „Jimmy Cliff“ sung by Hopton James and played the Counteraction, but the massive ether don’t liked it or don’t understand the issue.

Anyways, Bass Odysseys win was fair and square.

Unfortunatly I don’t have no Pics yet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.