Sizzla: The Good, The Bad and The Remixed

Veröffentlicht: 26 Mai, 2009 in 2. Downloads
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Found this on Burden and thought to share it with you guys.

Here’s something a little different. Musical alchemist and Reggae Reviews contributor Dale Cooper has mashed up a dozen Sizzla tunes with the soundtracks from 10 old spaghetti Westerns, a wacky venture that’s actually not as wacky as it initially seems, since A) reggae artists have co-opted Western movie mythology for years, from acts like Lone Ranger, Clint Eastwood, and Reggae Cowboys to songs like The Upsetters‘ “Return of Django” and Josey Wales’ “Bush Wacked,” and B) Sizzla is no stranger to musical experimentation. Thus, it all comes together quite naturally, the airy, melancholy movie music from composers Ennio Morricone, Luis Bacalov, and Bruno Nicolai lending an epic feel to Sizzla’s towering vocals. …“



1. I Was Born [Death Rides Mix]
Act 1: Trouble Brewin’
2. To the Point [Fistful of Sartana Mix]
3. Come On [Almeria Flex Mix]
4. Karate [Lo Mein Marinara Mix]
Act 2: Bordello in a Border Town
5. Represent [Cathouse Mix]
6. Only Takes Love [Wild Palmas Mix]
7. Somehow [Nyabinghi Morricone Mix]
Act 3: The Showdown
8. Be Strong [Moderate Silence Mix]
9. That’s OK [High Noon Sound Clash Mix]
10. Heard of Dem [ Death of Silence Mix]
11. Mexican Standoff [Instrumental]
Closing Credits
12. Rise to the Occasion [Cuchillo Mix]


You can download the Mix from here:

Dalecooper pres. The Good, The Bad and the Remixed


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