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Finally, after nearly a year, the War inna East Clash DVD from 2009 is ready to download!


After a constant string of unfortunate circumstances that were hindering the completion of this project, we at Herbalize-it can finally put the last nail in the coffin and announce that the War Ina East 2009 Europe vs USA – Gloves Off, Guns Out dvd is ready for release and can be now downloaded.

Our deepest, sincerest apologies to all the soundsytems that took part in this clash (Team USA – Poison Dart & TEK-9 and Team EUROPE – SENTINEL & SUPERSONIC) and ofcourse all the die-hard curious clash fans all over the world, that have been anxiously awaiting the release of this dvd to re-live this amazing night in European clash history. Thank you all for your patience and continued support, never loosing faith or trust in the belief that we would indeed get this dvd completed and accessible to you, totally free of charge.

The saying “every cloud has a silver lining” fits perfectly with this situation. The release of the dvd for the last edition of War Ina East, now comes hot on the heels of the new edition for this year, heightening the hype, excitement and anticipation for this inevitable classical battle. So people go download the dvd, enjoy it to the max and make sure to not keep it to yourself!”

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Big up Sultan and the whole HERBALIZE- IT Family for making this possible!

Nice little HipHop Tune by Elly Ess & Supah Shane with a Jamaican Flavour, Brooklyn footage, Jabba & Bobby Cameo plus Shinehead Vox on the Chorus.

This documentary was screened at a few film-festivals during the last year, but me kinda slept on it.

About Rise Up:
Thinking of Jamaica usually conjures up an image of peace-loving Rastafarians with thick dreadlocks surrounded by even thicker clouds of hash smoke who play reggae tunes and sing the praises of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.

Luciano Blotta’s self-conscious documentary Rise Up provides ample support of that cliché, but he simultaneously shows that behind the clever export product that reggae has become, a world of poverty and underdevelopment is lurking. In the minds of many young Jamaicans, the only way out is a career in music, but the competition is overwhelming, so everyone tries to display their talent wherever and whenever they can.

Blotta follows three young people who are trying to rise up from the underground: there’s the shy Kemoy, who sings beautiful R&B-like songs; the white Ice, whose biggest dream is to perform at the famous Reggae Sumfest; and the charismatic Turbulence, who almost ended up living a life of crime before he thought better of it.

These days, Turbulence’s goal is to “Eat good food, have good life, make music.” Blotta interweaves the three storylines with lots of music (watch out for the guy with the one-stringed guitar), atmospheric shots of the city and country, and the commentary, which is spoken in juicy Jamaican English by a trio of experts from the music world. Sly and Robbie stop by, as well as the legendary Lee Perry, to say that Kemoy has a lot of talent. But apparently talent alone isn’t enough not by a long shot.

Just got the Audios for the Kill or Die Trying Clash 2010 from the Promoter General Chiancone via Facebook.

Go check the clash.

A few weeks after their win against Deebuzz in Frankfurt, Jacob and the crew ended City Locks Killing Spree last night in Geneva, Switzerland.

Word been spreading that City Lock couldn’t connect to well with the swiss crowd and Guiding Star took 3 of 4 rounds.

I’ll hit you up with the audios of this and the  last week clash as soon as i’ll get them.

As I already let you know when it was brandnew, Sentinel Sound have their own weekly Radio Show, called Kingston Hot Radio, available as a Podcast every given thursday.

The Show’s hosted by Sentinels young guns Meska & Shotta Paul, broadcasting from Stuttgart, Germany.

Go check the show tonight, they are also giving away 2×1 Guestlistticket for our Jamaican Lounge Dance tomorrow.

Last month, the frankonian ruler, Mango Tree Sound, juggled alongside Silly Walks Discotheque from Hamburg, at a club named Rakete in Nürnberg, Germany.

These are the full Audios of the night:

Mango Tree – Early Warm Up Juggling

Mango Tree – Heat Up Session

Silly Walks Discotheque Part 1

Mango Tree – Mango Madness

Silly Walks Discotheque Part 2

Maybe you’ve already heard the clash i’ve posted yesterday, but today I found this Video of the whole Dub fi Dub upped by Peroni Montana on Vimeo. Big up, nice one.

Walshy Fire recently dropped the third edition of his Decades Mix, titled “Slow Wine”.

(Click the Cover to download)

Mical, of Cosmohouse Sound, put up the Audio of the Clash on their Facebook-Page.

(Just click the Flyer to download)

P.S.: Check the Facebook-Page for the PW.