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As you people already know, swedish female dancehall group SERENGETI, just released their first tune on Soundquake Music today on the Empress Riddim, along with tunes by Cornadoor, Joggo and Zed I.

You can check the MegaMix of this wicked Kaptn Röd (the man behind the Everyday Riddim) Production at Soundquake Reggae Promotion.

But the very reason for this Post is, that if you want to voice Dubplates with them girls, you can just link us at

higherlevelsound [at] gmx [dot] de

and we’re gonna make it happen immediatly.


Hurry up, and voice these two professional singers right before everybody else hops on the bandwaggon!

You can check samples of there dubplates works on our myspace site, at Sentinel Sound Myspace, or at Zion Movement.


The incident allegedly took place last Thursday night while the woman was in her room at a hotel in Queens, New York. Mr Lexx was arrested the next morning and is currently out on bail. When contacted, the artiste’s management stated that he is innocent of all charges. The deejay is booked to appear in court on November 2.

via Jamaica Star

Today we’re featuring a spanish Sound, again. From the beautiful city of Barcelona, we welcome Luv Messenger, the 4×4 Sound!


# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.
Luv Messenger is Supah Lion, Don Rolando, Uri and RudeTeo.


# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?
Luv Messenger was founded in 2007 by Supah Lion and Don Rolando after many years of good work and experience in their individual trajectory; Supah Lion as a Member of Roots&Vibes and Rolando with Soundsgood Intl. from Austria.

# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?
As lovers of all eras of jamaican reggae, our selection is suitable for all audience that enjoys good music, no matter if oldies, digital, new roots, the latest dancehall smashers or all-time favorites out of any music genre. Vibrating energetic sessions and the contact to the massive make Luv Messenger shows nights to remember.


# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.
This year we had a couple of crazy dances outside, like Fiestas de Gracia in Mozart Street, as well as the San Juan Celebrations at the Beach are always a highlight during the summer season in Barcelona.


# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?
Barcelona might be well known all over the world for many things like tourism and football, but the reggae scene is still underdeveloped. That’s why we are still looking forward to have our own regular dance to be able to promote reggae dancehall the in our way.

# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?
hehe.. too many to mention… sound: Stone Love, Label: Motown, Artists: all of them.


# What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?
Luv Messenger has voiced a handfull of Dubs and likes to play Reggie Stepper’s “yes indeed” once in a while, but generally we are a sound that does not rely on dubplates to perform.

#Last Words?
Love is the Message (Jacob Miller)

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions, Don Rolando.

And to my Readers, please check out the latest Mix CD from Luv Messenger here, or visit their myspace page to get more mixes.



Edit: This mix is even newer

Check them:

via Shotta Pauls own Youtube Channel

Tippa Irie did a wicked Show last Saturday, together with us and Rebel Rock in Frankfurts’ “Nachtleben”. I’ve shoot a few Pics. Enjoy!

via RONNYRECORD@youtube


This Saturday another clash is coming up, in Hamburg, Germany. Promoted by Massaya Sound.

It’s called Destination Kingston Clash, and the opponents are Jackpot Sound from Mainz, Hakuna Matataa from Meissen and Music Master from London.

…the Sound fi Dead Clash on saturday against Sentinel in the Dub fi Dub. You can read a little summary of CThug from DHR, who was there:

Congratulation to Trooper, he won fair and square, 6 to 3 in chune for chune with Sentinel, huge respect to the new youth on Sentinel, SHOTTA PAUL, he surprised the hell out of me (wait for the DVD) the audio will be worth getting.

Summery. (Mi too tired fi get into details)

Trooper Buss every round (GAZA and a few other artist here and there)
Panther Buss every round then RAN RIGHT OFF THE ROAD. “PANTHER” PEOPLE HOW DEM SAY MI CAAH READ NUH MI A SELECT….WATCH THIS dig thru pouch… and played back a chune Sentinel played, that was his third and the rules was NO PLAY BACK…got voted out (wait for the dvd)

SYNEMAX – Started Slows.. Second Round Jake woke the crowd up, after slowly ran OUT OF GAS….

BLACK BLUNT….Came out the gate back ways and if you every seen anyone running backways you will get the picture. They were as flat as a white woman ass

Speaking of white….This little youth on Sentinel won over the crowd and the crowd favorite, (imagine MOST sound came with a cheering section) and he PERFORMED EXCELLENT, few bumps here and there but BUSS THE DANCE WICKED in every round (Oh God he FUCKED UP THE 4th round and Destroyed JAKES, but in the chune for chune Troopers experience was evident 6 TO 3 (GET THE DVD and the AUDIO)

Congrats to Trooper, and big up Shotta Paul & Meska, because them proof the people that they can carry the Sentinel Torch by themself in a Clash.

Btw, here an interview with Shotta Paul for Irie FM