…the Sound fi Dead Clash on saturday against Sentinel in the Dub fi Dub. You can read a little summary of CThug from DHR, who was there:

Congratulation to Trooper, he won fair and square, 6 to 3 in chune for chune with Sentinel, huge respect to the new youth on Sentinel, SHOTTA PAUL, he surprised the hell out of me (wait for the DVD) the audio will be worth getting.

Summery. (Mi too tired fi get into details)

Trooper Buss every round (GAZA and a few other artist here and there)
Panther Buss every round then RAN RIGHT OFF THE ROAD. “PANTHER” PEOPLE HOW DEM SAY MI CAAH READ NUH MI A SELECT….WATCH THIS dig thru pouch… and played back a chune Sentinel played, that was his third and the rules was NO PLAY BACK…got voted out (wait for the dvd)

SYNEMAX – Started Slows.. Second Round Jake woke the crowd up, after slowly ran OUT OF GAS….

BLACK BLUNT….Came out the gate back ways and if you every seen anyone running backways you will get the picture. They were as flat as a white woman ass

Speaking of white….This little youth on Sentinel won over the crowd and the crowd favorite, (imagine MOST sound came with a cheering section) and he PERFORMED EXCELLENT, few bumps here and there but BUSS THE DANCE WICKED in every round (Oh God he FUCKED UP THE 4th round and Destroyed JAKES, but in the chune for chune Troopers experience was evident 6 TO 3 (GET THE DVD and the AUDIO)

Congrats to Trooper, and big up Shotta Paul & Meska, because them proof the people that they can carry the Sentinel Torch by themself in a Clash.

Btw, here an interview with Shotta Paul for Irie FM

  1. [...] after the great performance in Elderslie in this years SOUND FI DEAD Clash few weeks ago, are obviously the right pick on the bill and also Poison Dart always bringing their A-Game to the [...]

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