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Just found an excellent documentary about jamaican Soundsystems, dubculture and the roots of our favourite music while cruising trough Dutty Artz.

Please visit to see all 5 parts. It’s defintly a must-seen.

“This short documentary from director Adam Glickman, seen here in an early rough cut, explores the history of Jamaican sound system and dub culture. The film uses interviews with Paul Simonon, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and more to explore the roots of this music and the influence it had around the world.”

Because of the big success of the second monthly regular date from us at 6Null3 we stick to that in 2009 and present to you the next Jamaican Lounge in January on Friday, the 23rd.

We command you to be there. Party we are say!


Free entry until 12 a.m., 2 Shots for 3 €,

Best Dancehall and Reggae in town, nicest vibes and of course the best looking people around.

Fact is this tune isn’t “that” new, but nevertheless it’s my tune for 2009 so far.

Word on the streets is it’s THE tune in JA right now.

And just this weekend they released the video.

Take a look and get infected:

I’m pumping this 24/7. Love this Tune.


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Yep, this one is a little old, but jeeesus, this is so damn funny.

Next week, January the 9th, we celebrate the first Jamaican Lounge at Club6Null3 in Saarbrücken for the year.

All night juggling by Higher Level, giving you your money worth.

Just Big Tunes gonna be rinsed out, trust me.

See you there:


Of course we’re giving out a few Free Entries for this one.

Just write an email to higherlevelsound [at] gmx [dot] de with the Header “Erste/r”.

The winners will be contacted by email on thursday afternoon.

Yesterday, Selecta T-zion (of iRiE cReW) posted the line-up for a next big soundclash coming up in 2009.

The clash taking place in the city of Caen, France, near to the coast of the english channel.

Date for this musical war is the 27th of March, and the contestants happens to be

Heartical Sound from Paris (keep in mind, they’re clashing in italy at the end of this month) ,

Irie Crew from Nancy,

Warrior Sound from Wuppertal,

and last but not least

Superfresh all the way from Toronto.

Line-Up looks really interesting and i’m very excited ’bout the performance of Superfresh in europe, ca’ them making waves the last months .

3 All Dubplate Rounds, all 15min long. Elimination after round 2 and 3, then a 10 Dubs Dub fi Dub, Decisions will be made by a show of hands.

Here’s the Flyer for europes biggest soundclash in 09 so far:


Level Crew’s definitly live in the place…same procedure as every year.

The guys from Club45ers cancelled their idea of putting out the whole War Fever Clash as a DVD due to the fact that, if they release it, someone will upload it anyways to some file-sharing-server. Thats really not worth all the work they putting in.

So now, you can join vimeo, select the clips on the channel and download it there.

!UPDATE! You can download the vids directly from zShare, just check 45ers to get the links. And make sure to use the donate-button!

45ers will put up a donate-button, and of course they will be glad about some contributions fro you guys.

Member, if you help them a little, they surely keep on doing this good work, and thats what we all what.

For now, you can take a look at the first round from all sounds:

Mango Tree

Sensi Movement

Rudeboy Sound